I was flattered last week to be asked to become patron to an embryonic charitable organisation called ‘Shoeboxes4OurHeroes

I join Charlene Pieri as co-patron. Charlene is from the original Chivenor Military Wives Choir. This is them singing ..

The founder of ‘shoeboxes’ is a chap from Sheffield called Chris Webster. Chris had the terrific idea to send a shoebox sized box of gifts to soldiers on the front line who, for one reason or another, don’t receive such presents from friends or relatives back home.

The ingenuity and kindness of S4oH means that these soldiers learn that there are many back home who appreciate what they are doing and care enough to put their hands in their pockets and send a gesture of that appreciation.


Shoeboxes – helping out on the front line

If you have a moment to ‘follow’ Shoeboxes via facebook or twitter, please do… and if you feel moved to send them a few items to go into a shoebox for one of our heroes abroad, so much the better.

Here is another song from the MWC to listen to while you jot a few things down to add to your shopping list this week. (have a tissue ready)

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