Wicked Game

Blog tour – March to April 2016.

  1. From Book Addict Shaun 18 March 2016
  2. Anne Cater discovers that Wicked Game offers far more than the military/police thriller she was expecting, 19 March.
  3. David from Blue Book Balloon finds he is swept away by the pace of the writing, 20 March 2016.
  4. ‘Kudos to you, Matt Johnson – talk about a kick-ass novel,’ says Susan from BookTrailer as we take a tour of the locations in Wicked Game.
  5. Wendy at Little Bookness Lane says to ‘expect nothing less than an exhilarating ride’ , 23 March.
  6. ‘By the end of the first chapter I was hooked’. Steph Rothwell from Stephs Book Blog. 
  7. ‘I assumed it would be terribly masculine – it isn’t.’ Highly recommended says Linda Boa from CrimeWorm – 27 March 2016
  8. ‘An action thriller of the highest order’. Jackie Law at Never Imitate
  9. ‘An unshakeable feeling of authenticity… the prose is taut and to the point’ Dave at Espresso Coco.
  10. ‘Wicked Game is a stonkingly accessible British thriller’ – Christine from Northern Crime.
  11. ‘The tension takes hold early on and never lets up as the danger gets closer to home’ – Steve @ Livemanylives.
  12. ‘A compellingly, gritty and convincingly real thriller’ Tony JW Hill
  13. ‘A brilliantly multi-layered narrative… a great plot… engaging characters’ – Lisa Adamson,  Segnalibro
  14. ‘Excellent, thought provoking, clever and beautifully written’ – Lizlovesbooks
  15. ‘I devoured Wicked Game on a gloriously silent April afternoon’ – Amy Pirt This Little Bag of Dreams.


Reader and website reviews



‘I didn’t want the book to end, and now I don’t know what to read next!’ May 31, 2016. Review from the Army Rumour Service website


Waterstones Booksellers, UK.

‘The writing is so authentic that you forget this is a story’. Lizzie Hayes @ Promoting Crime

‘A breath-taking debut novel’ – Rachel from Chillers, Killers and Thrillers.