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Topics covered in this FREE e-book:

  • Before You Write
  • Building the Front Matter of Your Book
  • Building Your Table of Contents
  • Preparing a Cover
  • Finishing Your Book
  • Uploading and Checking the Quality of Your Book
  • Just Before Publishing Your Book
  • Making Changes After Publishing Your Book

Definitely worth the one-click to download; and did I mention it’s free?

I started with kindle and found it quite straightforward to upload. Begged a favour for the cover and waited. Nothing…
Then I started reading about marketing. Once I had a facebook account, a twitter page and this blog things started slowly. If there is one thing I am learning it is to be patient. If the book is a good read then word will spread, but it will not happen quickly. Twitter seems to be the best medium, my facebook has been blocked twice after sending out ‘friend’ requests. Twitter offers the new author the chance to simply invite people to look at your work. If they like what they see, they might buy, and if the like what they read a few will be moved to review it. It’s the reviews, in my opinion, that sell the book.
I had an early reviewer that loved the story but heavily criticised the format and typo errors. He was right. I pulled the book and had it properly proofed. It was worth it. BUT… the criticism is till there from the reviewer, albeit he was kind enough to put a qualifying postscript to say the book is now proof-read.
In the mean time I keep plugging away, doing some marketing every day, and some writing, with a few days away from it completely.
This week I sat down with a professional from the world of marketing who had read the book and liked it. She helped me draw up a structured plan to promote the book. It will involve an hour or so every day but having seen the plan I like it very much. It targets and records the right people, invites their interest and hopes to catch their eye. A bit like fishing really, which doesn’t bode too well for me, I was the world’s worst fisherman!
According to Amazon stats, over 12K people have downloaded the book. So, I now have a reasonable readership. Three publishers, here in Wales, are looking at the manuscript, so something might be in the pipeline. I’ve read the journals though, and I know the chances of being picked up by a publisher are small, especially during this recession.
For me… back to the tweets