Listening to music while writing

I sometimes wonder if writers need silence, the radio on, or if they listen to music. I choose the latter, something restful in the background. Sometimes my searches for good music bring up some real gems..

Two of them are these, Caroline Harrison and Amy Wadge. Have a listen. You may enjoy the experience. for Caroline for Amy, freefall, one of my favourites

and a special song for those very fortunatem and I fear rather rare women, who have a good man in their lives.


4 thoughts on “Listening to music while writing

  1. Hey Matt! Hope all is well over there – you’re in Wales? I’ve been back in Australia after 10 years in London, went to Wales a few times, worked for a company based in Llanelli. Having trouble with the download – Amazon UK v COM.. ugh! (My fault) will sort in the morning! —Sime


      • She’s a lovely lady, with some great music. I think my fave track (if you Spotify?) is FireThief from This Earthly Spell – Magic!

        Behind Our Eyes, right after that last track is very good, too… Though, they’re both rather melancholy.



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