I awoke today to discover that my twitter account has accumulated over 1600 followers. From what I have read twitter seems to be the best way to market the work of an author who is an #indie, ie independent of an established publisher. It has worked fairly well, with regular good feedback and sales ticking over nicely. I’m not selling enough to make a living so the feedback is very encouraging. A couple of days ago one of my readers suggested asking a couple of established authors to re-tweet my work. My novel has been compared to these writers very favourably in reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, so I thought ‘why not’, give it a go.

They ignored the requests. Oh well, back to the daily search for new friends who will spread the word.

Then, this morning, I log on to find I am being followed by an author who I have admired for years. Stephen Leather. Stephen has written over thirty great thrillers. I was flattered. For a newbie like me to have attracted the interest of one of the major writers in my chosen genre has given me a real shot in the arm. is his website, he’s a great writer with an excellent sense of humour, as you will see from the comments he makes on his site.

For me, its back to the grindstone. But I have sent Stephen Leather a mail, I wonder if he will respond…

4 thoughts on “Twittering

  1. Don’t get disheartened, just keep slogging away – remember no ‘overnight success’ is ever really that. Hope you hear back from him.


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