Research trips and Hongkong soldiers

Off to Romania this coming month. Researching material and locations for the sequel to Wicked Game.

Travelling may seem glamorous but I’ve been warned to expect 40 plus temperatures and little opportunity for shelter or aircon. Staying about 1/2 hour outside Bucharest.

Twitter following continues to grow and today I was approached to support the campaign to obtain passports for HongKong born British soldiers who were left stranded when the colony was handed back to the chinese.

This is the campaign website

they have an e-petition running which you may care to sign, and how about lobbying a certain Ms Lumley for support? The campaign for the Gurkhas worked, perhaps this one will also?

One thought on “Research trips and Hongkong soldiers

  1. Hello, yes it does sound exotic, travelling to far off places for research. Hope it all goes well and that it isn’t so hot the creative juices dry up!
    Katy Krump (author Blue Dust:Forbidden)


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