Twitter viruses

Every day I receive several DM (direct messages) and sometimes Tweets to say that ‘someone is saying terrible things about you’, or ‘I laughed so much at this video of you’ and various similar types, the only common factor being that the message has a link to follow. The wording is designed to hook you, tempt you to find out what it is.


Do not click on these links. They take you to a site that copies your account and gets your password, then it sends out yet more similar messages to all your followers. 

3 thoughts on “Twitter viruses

  1. Yep, happened to me. I got a string of angry tweets about me sending nasty messages. I also got a whole host of the ‘someone’s saying nasty things about you’ tweets, I then got an email from Twitter saying my account had been hacked. What possible pleasure can these people get from doing this, eh?


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