Celebrity attitude

A few weeks ago I was contacted though twitter and asked to do something I had never done before and never expected to be asked to do.

A young man from Manchester called Marcus is raising money for Help4heroes by travelling around the UK with a t-shirt that he is getting ‘celebrities’ to autograph.  He has successfully persuaded Chris Ryan MM,  Rita Ora, JLS, Victoria Justice, Dan Magness and Victoria Pendleton to sign it. He asked me to also sign it. I was flattered, I don’t think of myself as a celebrity in an shape or form.

A friend of mine was in Manchester working and agreed to transport the shirt to me in Wales to sign it. I did as asked, thanked Marcus for the opportunity and sent him a couple of signed books as a bonus to auction with the shirt.

Soon afterwards Marcus approached several Burnley footballers who were out on a social and asked a couple of them if they would also sign the shirt. Marcus explained who else had signed the shirt and the reason for doing so. The footballers told him where to go.

This week, Wayne Rooney responded positively to a request from Marcus and also agreed to sign the shirt. I understand that signing takes place this evening.

So, with all their success, the likes of Rita, Wayne, Chris and the others take time out of their hectic schedules to help a little guy do a bit for charity.

I hope those Burnley footballers learn about this and, perhaps, start to appreciate the good that can be achieved by being celebrated.


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