Hmmm… wonder if I might get a vote? You never know!

Joanne Phillips

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the second of my We’ve Got It Covered posts. Today is the start of the Indie Cover Hall of Fame competition, and I’m asking all readers to nominate their favourite indie-author cover. Here are the ‘rules’:

  • You can’t nominate your own cover, or one that you’ve designed (if you’re a cover designer)
  • One nomination per person please
  • The book can have been published at any time but must be self-published and available for sale now
  • Please provide the link to the book with your nomination, the author and the title.
  • Tell us why you like the cover so much. What is it about the design that really grabs you?

It’s as easy as that! Last week we talked to cover designer Berni Stevens, who mentioned that many author-designed covers were identifiable because of typeface design. I’d have to agree – one of my pet hates…

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