April (fool) Competition – Winner announced

Draw made – winner below

Thanks for all the entries – as promised, everyone who guessed correctly will receive a signed copy of the sequel as soon as it is published.

Over the last year, I have received some wonderful reviews for Wicked Game which have inspired me to keep writing. I have, therefore, decided to publish a 2nd edition in April 2013, a year after the book was released. The 2nd edition will tidy up some of the typos that have been found . The story hasn’t changed.

I am working on the sequel (bk 2 of 3) which is currently entitled Deadly Game.

Talking recently to Peter James, I was given the idea of using the name of a reader in the sequel as a small thank you to all the people who have read the book and especially to those who have kept in touch with me through Twitter and Facebook, and extra especially to those who have taken the time to write a review.

It is to the reviewers that I owe the greatest thanks, as it is you that have convinced others to use their hard-earned cash to buy a copy of the book on the strength of the reviews. Those purchasers have not been disappointed and they, in turn, have reviewed the book favourably.

For me, as a new author, to have my writing compared to the likes of Lee Child, James Patterson, Ken Follet, Chris Ryan, Andy McNab and other well known names is really very humbling.

So, I have had the idea for a little competition. I have called it the April (fool) competition as you have to be a bit crazy to enter. The prize is simple, I will name a character in Deadly Game after you and send you a personal signed copy.

Entries start on April 1st and end April 14th. You need to refer to the 1st edition of Wicked Game, as the mistake is rectified in the 2nd.

Question. In chapter 25, Finlay breaks down on the motorway. As he is sitting in the rain, waiting for help, he hears something on the radio. That something could not have happened. What was it and why could it not have happened?

You can post your answers here, or send me a message via FB, email or Twitter. I will keep the responses under wraps until 14th April.  Then I will post the answer here and the name of the ‘lucky’ winner. I’m not promising that the winner will feature as a good guy or a bad guy, so that’s why only the brave should enter!

All the correct answers go into a hat, and the lucky (or unfortunate) winner will find that a character in Deadly Game bears their name.

Good luck… and get reading!

ANSWER – Finlay was listening to ‘If tomorrow never comes’ by Ronan Keating as he waited in the car. As the story is set in August/Sept 2001 and this song wasn’t released until 2002, that could not have happened. 

There were some interesting ideas about Jon Peel (died 2004 so he could have been on the radio), and playing songs in a 60s special that were not from the sixties ( could have happened?), but the one thing that absolutely could not have happened was Finlay listening to the Ronan Keating song.

I hope you enjoyed the fun, the winner

Dave Batey. Congratulations Dave. Drawn by random lot last night.

Now… good guy or bad guy?

8 thoughts on “April (fool) Competition – Winner announced

  1. Hi Matt. Good to follow you on Twitter and to read with interest the content of your website. Looking forward to hearing more of your writing news.
    Matthew Dunn
    Author of the Spycatcher series of espionage novels.


  2. By pure luck I was at Chapter 26 when I read this blog post. I think the answer is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Loving the book by the way. I agree the first/third person jumping feels a bit clumsy but I got used to it.


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