Going diving (again)

I wish I had learned to scuba dive many years ago.

When my daughter decided she wanted to attempt a degree in marine natural history photography at Falmouth, I ‘volunteered’ to learn to dive with her. That was three years ago.

We travelled to Sharm-el-Sheik and learned to dive with Emperor Divers. It was a PADI course, over four days, where we learned the basic skills.



Our instructor was the lovely Catherine Roberts, from South Africa.

Cath was a great instructor and really put us at ease. We progressed well and added on two extra days tourist diving at the end of the course. We were hooked.

We also met a group of lads from the west country in Sharm. It is with this group that I am going this coming weekend. 


Hannah and me.

Over the last three years I have fallen way behind Hannah. She is now a qualified Rescue Diver and is, currently, working her vacation at a Marine Conservation Centre on Andros in the Bahamas. She is there for six weeks and dives every day.

Me, well I spend most days at the PC, tapping away working on the sequel to ‘Wicked Game’ so I dont get a lot of opportunity to dive.

This weekend it will be different. With the UK bathing in the most incredible Summer weather, my friends and I are off to Lundy Island to dive in the local waters which are a haven to many forms of sea-life, especially seals. I’m hoping for some good photo opportunities.

Were staying at a bed and breakfast at Ilfracombe, right on the quay, so we should be able to walk across the harbour onto the dive boat. Fingers crossed for a mill-pond sea for the trip out to the island.

Having now bought a dry suit to help keep me warm in British waters, I can thoroughly endorse UK diving. The Red Sea was a great place to learn but I was still surprised at just how much there is to see beneath the surface of our local waters. Two weekends ago I dived off Pendennis Point in Falmouth, from the shore, and saw crabs, a lobster. a John Dory, blennies, kelp, jelly fish and many other types of fish. 

If diving is something you have thought to try, I would highly recommend it. Like I said, I wish I had started years ago.

Now… to start getting the gear packed.ImageImage

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