Reviewers to the Slaughter

Following my recent blog on how books are appearing in best-seller listings following the purchase and mutual exchange of good reviews, this article by Mercia McMahon is another example of how people are even forming review groups to promote each others work. Such reviews con the genuine reader and, long-term the writer/author is only fooling themselves. Readers cant be fooled for long and will show their feelings if they believe they have been scammed.


The Rave Reviews Book Club Board Member Shirley Harris Slaughter is a bad review bully – if 3 out of 5 stars can be considered a bad review. There is something wrong with this picture. Even with a name like Rave Reviews the site will publish reviews that go as low as 3 stars, so why is a board member attacking someone online for a bad review that would be considered a good review at the Rave Reviews Book Club. The answer is that Pamela Foley had the gall to give the book club’s founder, Nonnie Jules, her only 3 star review among a stash of four and five-star reviews nearly half of which were written by members of her book club.

Foley’s review is for Jules’ debut novel  Daydreams Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend (2013) and she makes clear that as it was not to her taste she stopped reading halfway through. For a…

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