Mysterious surge in sales – Matt Johnson

Like many readers, I love a good mystery.

I like to enjoy the story and, at the same time, try to spot the clues, see the twists and out-think the writer. More often than not I fail.

I now have my own little mystery to solve.

Having published Wicked Game as an indie novel two years ago, I have casually monitored sales and have become accustomed to the book ticking over to the tune of about a hundred per month.

Towards the end of November 2014, UK sales started to increase dramatically, to the point where, in the first four days of December, there have been over 100 downloads from Amazon UK.

The surge isn’t the same in any other country, just the UK.

Why, I ask? I haven’t done anything particular to market the book in the last few months, indeed I have been wrapped up in getting the sequel finished.

I’ve googled the title, googled me, checked Amazon promotions and even emailed Amazon to try and find out why. All without providing an answer.

I did learn that WG is now approved reading for schools on the Orkney Islands, though. That was news and I also found a couple of blogs where WG had been given a nice review. None of these seemed to be key to producing a surge for November, though.

One clever person suggested it might be due to the release of a single in the UK called ‘Wicked Games’ but I have to ask myself, would someone searching for this single happen to stumble upon my book and then buy it? Another suggested a link to Xmas, but these are kindle downloads, not paperbacks, although the paperback version has seen a small sales increase.

So, for now, I will have to keep wondering, scratch my head and smile every time I check the kindle sales reports. Long may it last.

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