Another cop in need of your help

On 17th April 1984, Yvonne Fletcher was shot outside the Libyan Peoples Bureau in London.

Next week, on the Victoria Derbyshire TV show (starts Monday 10am BBC2) you can see a short film about this day and see a live interview with John Murray, her fiancée at the time.

matt johnson yvonne fletcher libyan people bureau

Severely injured WPC Yvonne Fletcher being helped by colleagues

That’s John in the photograph, crouched over the mortally wounded Yvonne.

yvonne memorial

The second picture is the memorial, in London. Yvonne was also a friend of mine, I did the ambulance escort taking her to hospital.

The purpose of this post is to ask for help. For reasons of national security, her killers were never prosecuted. To try and secure justice for Yvonne, John is taking one of the suspects to civil court very soon.

The police federation are not funding John. He is doing this himself. His is not an attempt to make money – he is suing for just £1 – it’s a final attempt to secure a court finding.

John has obtained a protective costs order limiting his liability (should he lose) to £60K. A crowd funding page has raised nearly £20K. That still leaves John over £40K short, should he fail.

I’m asking you, as you did for Andrew Harper, to consider making a small donation for this cause as well. Yvonne’s murder, I am told, remains the only unsolved murder of a UK police officer.

Here is the link


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