I’m done

A police officer wrote this on March 15, 2021 at 5:27 pm. I’ve reproduced it here because I found it humbling, worrying and really quite frightening.

‘I’m a cop of 20 years. I’m leaving. I’m done.

I’m done with the duplicitous liars and twisters of truth in Parliament, who have destroyed policing in order to further their own careers. I’m done with those charlatans and snake oil salesmen and women who spread their bile, whose acid eats away at society and it’s values and future. I’m done with the utter lack of consequences for their corruption.

I’m done with duplicitous liars and twisters of truth in the media and “journalism” with their spin, lies, misrepresentation and half truths. I’m done with their 24 hours news, their twitter echo chambers, their pile on tactics and agendas, in order to invent the next “big” story or extend the life of the old one. I’m done with their sickening pretence that they are on some crusade to make the world a better place.

I’m done …

I’m done with the socially corrosive special interest groups who want to be top of the victimhood ladder and are prepared to burn the world and anyone different to them, to ensure they are heard above anyone else. Their constant screaming for attention and ever more fantastical claims, that bear no scrutiny, but which they know they will never be challenged on, because, you know “cancel culture”.

I’m done with the public, their violence, their lying, their abuse, their spitting, their constant screaming for instant gratification and destruction of anything and everyone around them if they don’t get their own way, like a bunch of petulant adolescents. I’m done with their demand for every right real or imagined and their utter lack of personal or social responsibility to each other.

I’m done with the senior officers who will jump on any bandwagon, throw any officer under a bus for doing their job, do anything at all to get that next rank and more power. I’m done with them pretending to be cops, when they are just politicians in uniform. At least real politicians don’t seek to hide their stench and are there for all the world to see, in all their obnoxious, odious glory.

I’m done with the far left and far right, two sides of the same violent, socially corrosive and destructive coin, trampling over anyone and everyone, destroying anything in their paths, if it doesn’t conform to the “right” narrative or world view. I’m done with their red and black flags, their balaclavas, their violence, bullying and intimidation. I’m done with them calling themselves Nazis or Antifa and pretending they are any different to the opposition. I’m done with their anti locution and persecution of anyone that isn’t on their side. I’m done with their cheerleaders in the media, who adopt their cause but absolve themselves of any responsibility for the harm they cause.

I’m done with the Soviet era scale bureaucracy that stops me doing my job, the projects that strangely never fail, the nepotism in the promotion boards and the boys and girls clubs in policing that look after each other, no matter how incompetent and screw everyone else who isn’t in their gang. I’m done with their self promoting cliques and associations, they hide behind when they are professionally incompetent, but always useful for a photo opportunity to make the force look good with whatever group is having their week or is fashionable that day.

I’m done with the (few) corrupt cops who drag all our names through the mud and the false narrative that the vast majority of front line cops are tainted.

I’m done seeing my brothers and sisters on the front line battered, criticised, unsupported and demoralised. I’m done with their fortitude, inherent goodness and sense of service, that makes them run forward, knowing the armchair critics will crucify them after. I’m done with their false hope that things will improve, that society will value them. I’m done with them being lied to by our leaders and then lying to themselves, that, maybe, just maybe, this time those leaders can be trusted, I’m done with seeing those youngster suffer and age far too fast as a decent life passes them by as they waste their lives on this.

I’m done with grandstanding cops, dancing for YouTube, wearing rainbows as self promotion, kneeling for a twitter photo, lecturing the public about things that shouldn’t concern us, forgetting we are the law police, not the public morals police, Im done with them doing anything other rather than actual policing. I’m done with the false narrative that suggests this is the norm and that all cops are more interested in being woke social workers than doing their job. A false narrative we have facilitated by allowing this self indulgent, shameless self promotion of a few individuals, to proliferate.

I’m done with cops being told they are somehow lesser without a degree and that instincts are bias and bad. That experience and street knowledge is discriminatory. I’m done with the lies that the College of Policing is on our side. That the courts value and support us. That the IOPC isn’t an insidiously untrustworthy organisation out to get us. That the HMIC understands policing.

I’m done with the anxiety, the anger, the constant state of heightened arousal in case of danger, even when I should be feeling safe in my own home. I’m done with the corrosive damage to my physical and mental health, sacrificed for a country and public, serving both in green and blue, for a country that couldn’t give a toss.

I’m done with the deaths, the suffering, the violence, the dishonesty, the predatory behaviour and all the other public faeces that you ask us to clean up.

I’m done with the the indescribable levels of frustration, rage, hate and despair that all the above has filled my life with, when all I wanted to do was look after the good people and lock up the bad. I’m done with the cynicism and distrust that it’s left me and the times I’ve put my family last, to ensure I was there for someone else’s. I’m done with the pain it causes them to see what this job does to us.

I’m a cop of 20 years service and I’m done with it. Sort your own mess up. Or don’t, and let it all collapse around you.

I’m done, and really don’t care anymore.’

This frightens me, and it should frighten you.

I hope it’s not to late to remind the few, when ill of them they speak,

That they are all that stands between the monsters and the weak.

Continued …

And, while you’re here, let me share some news. I’m appearing at https://gwylcrimecymrufestival.co.uk/2021-guests/ in April. I’m on the bill doing a chat with Lee and Andrew Child. Yes, that Lee Child, the Reacher guy. It’s a free digital event run by Wales first crime literary festival. Why don’t you join us?


305 thoughts on “I’m done

  1. It’s sad to see a good honest policeman leave the force . Considering the facts I would have decided the same if it were me. Thank you for your honesty thank you for sharing and thank you for standing up and being noted for what you stand for. My uncle (deceased) and one of his sons (retired) were in the police force in WA both very honest men. Sadly there is the other side to the force . Thank you again and I wish you nothing but peace in your life and success in whatever you do next.


  2. Dear Matt Johnson,
    thank~you for sharing so honestly, such intimate insight of your work, and your life. It has very much helped to to see through the eyes, and heart, of one who sincerely cares about protecting the people. Also, i send you, and your family, heartfelt gratitude for your service. With the jobs you have has, i know it takes the loving support of family to succeed in life. Wishing you, and your loves all the best of, peace and prosperity. Me too, done with the division in the human family.
    Kind regards,
    Sariah korneluk


  3. This is heartbreaking to read and digest. It’s not okay that you have been made to feel this way but I completely get it. It’s overwhelming! I wish you the very best for your service but I also want to encourage you not to give up


  4. Thank you. For your 20 years of service, for putting us (the public) first and trying to do your job to the best of your ability when those around you who should’ve stood by and supported you were the ones kicking you down. Bad cops are a minority but all get tarnished.
    Stay strong and good luck for the future. You will do well as you have the right character within you.


  5. Dear Matt.
    Thank you for taking the time to write such an eloquent letter.
    I was always brought up to respect and support the Police (and as a child, to fear them a little), and I am sure that you understand only too well, how the public view of the police has changed over the last few decades.
    Although no one likes to put their head above the parapet, I will state that the general public composition has also changed dramatically in this time with immigration, greed and selfishness all playing a part. Gone are the days of going round to my grand with no one in, but the front door open.
    We are all guilty to a certain extent for the loss of morals and self respect in society today, but the most blame has to be laid at the door of politicians – many of whom are corrupt – not a good example to set for anyone.
    My faith in the police has soured somewhat, mainly due to their exuberant approach to implementing rules and regulations that are a disgrace in our society, but unfortunately provide an easy target to help with their bosses targets.
    You however have changed my view.
    I am sorry that you have left the force as we need many more with your integrity to help bring us back on an even keel.
    Very best of luck for the future.
    Simon Thompson


  6. Hi Matt,

    Read your story and can only emphasise with your experience, as being on the other side of the current insanity, I’ve seen many of the same incidents and was left wondering how did we get here!

    However, I’m not done with this system by a long shot, as i believe a clean govt is the best protection against the feudal barons creating this plandemic. I intend to find solutions to change everything for the better, from healing people so they can function again to getting the police back under their oath as a public service.

    This is why I’m contacting you to discuss this further, as i believe we can develop a way and a new system of personal empowerment that can’t be hijacked by the neoliberal or conservative thinktanks that are so pervasive in our culture atm.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime and I’ll explain more about myself, my plans and why in spite of everything, i still believe and won’t stop working for a better tomorrow.

    Appreciate your time.




  7. We are all victims of the divide and conquer narrative. Now it’s time for us all to understand this and pull together.
    Also highlight the Spanish Police for Freedom, looks like they are feeling exactly the same with a confused and bewildered population asking for control of their own lives. Thank you for this deeply moving post.


  8. Every word oh so true. I grew up in a small village with a policeman – we learned to respect him and the uniform he wore. Today, the majority of the young probaly still do, but I see very little to convince me. good luck and fair winds to all of you.


  9. As long as I have breath in me I will fight for police officers who are subjected to the worst abuse imaginable. My ex husband was a cop and my son has been one for over twenty years now and I know the horrifying things he has witnessed, calls that appeared innocent but turned violent with no provocation. the PTSD he lives with that robs him of his sleep and has made him a loner and then I see the armchair critics start making false accusations without all the facts and my blood starts to boil. I see our PM hardly able to hide his disdain of police officers and wish he had to experience their job for a few weeks. Those same officers keep him and his family safe while he sits in his ivory tower condemning them. As for the push to defund the police I would love for you their leaders to say okay… try doing without us for a few weeks and then they will have to face the reality that there are a whole lot of bad people out there. I wish you well and you wrote exactly how I feel about the abuse officers put up with. Take care and thank you so much for your service. There are still a lot of us that know the real truth and stand behind you 100%. Enjoy your retirement. You have earned it.


  10. A very sad but indicative truth of the state of our society today from a wise and disillusioned old fashioned proper cop.


  11. I do believe he is DONE! And just when it’s all going to change beyond anything we have ever seen … hold on mate wait and see we will need your perspective heart and mind … god bless xxxx


  12. I understand although I’m not a police officer I have fought for animals and humans and to clean world for the past five decades I am 67 years old and I’m done. I will continue to fight for the animals but the humans can have at it. The animals are innocent many of the humans are as well but I only have so much energy and from here on I devoted to the animals. I do believe we are in the midst of a genocide with an agenda of the reduction of population by 90% or more. Maybe that’s what the world needs. So be it unto us.


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  14. You are a very brave man. Who has to speak his truth.. Common Law must prevail.. We are all humans who should look out for each other.. Not incite aggressions…
    You are so loved by me…
    Be brave..
    Be bold…
    The light has won..
    All will be revealed soon


  15. That’s one person with an equally balanced chip on each shoulder,but cant blame him.The you know what always finds it way to the bottom of the heap.The guys at the top have high quality A..Paper to keep theirs nice and fresh.


  16. Thank you for your 20 years of service ; I find it so very tragic that someone with such shining principles , conscience and compassion is forced by evil circumstance to resign .
    Your words are SO appropriate and resound with justified outrage and vehemence !
    I too have railed at the 11 years of increasingly fascistic attacks on our once envied democracy – now being trampled underfoot by charlatans , scoundrels , super-wealthy and hard-of-thinking lemmings !
    All of this catastrophe masked by highly professional subversive distraction techniques .


  17. I have never had any trouble with police. Recently, I have hated them.! Watching what they have done makes me feel sick. On the other hand I have seen police being treated badly and that also made me feel sick.
    It’s time for the people and the police to come together under natural law, not thus ridiculous crap that the government are doling out, conquer and divide.! They know exactly what they are doing.
    I wish you well in the future, hopefully you will find some peace. Who knows, we might rid ourselves of the corrupt judicial system and you may come back as a real Constable or even an advisor.
    Good luck..!!


  18. Societys mess is of societys making , I tottally agree with you mate , it is a sad world when those left to clear up are treated the way they are , and those who create the problems hide behind those inflated wage rises ,all our old values and trdictions have been stamped on and disregarded, id hate to think what it would be like if we neede a national call up today ,


  19. Wow. I’m so sorry what you have been thru. I’m so sorry that the world will lose a fantastic officer who has protected the community for 20 years.
    These politicians have a lot to answer all over the world. I know here in Victoria our premier is using the police as his own army. BLM and invasion Day Marches can go ahead but when people are protesting for our freedom in Victoria and our human rights that have gone out the door dopey Dan sends in the police the riot Souad and compliance officers. It’s wrong when someone has so much power and doesn’t care about their residents in their state they are suppose to serve.


  20. I was …done…in 1992 after 26 years service in London when I saw all the nepotism, corruption and cliques developing. In God’s name, come back George Dixon !


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  22. I think lots of us are also done with police officers with this sort of attitude to the public. Who fails to acknowledge the corrosive “we look after our own” culture that infests policing.


  23. I am really sad for how your experiences have made you feel. Hopefully most people are grateful for you all doing your best in an age when any kind of respect is abhorrent to too many in our society. Thank you for who you are we surely cannot afford to lose officers like you


  24. You have very professionally yet without reservation said the same thing thousands upon thousands of former police officers have felt over the last few decades. Thank you for your service to God and Country and may your retirement be blessed with peace.


  25. I am a 68 year old woman and I have total respect for aware police force and the fire service in this country. I think it is appalling how the people they are trying to protect regards theme with such disrespect. They are the first to run for their help when they need it.
    I also believe it is the politicians that are responsible wit their softly, softly attitude, and leaving the police to work with one hand behind their backs.
    If you have broken the law you have to suffer the consique’s are they will be mayhem, and that’s exactly what is happening. People are forcing there opinion and not accepting debate,and if you’ve got it I want it attitude. God help us with the future.


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  28. Well Dude, After what I have seen your colleagues do over the last year, and specifically the marches in London, the recent vigil on Clapham Common, and the even more recent ‘riots’ in Bristol, I think the British Public are also ‘done’ with the Police ‘Service’ now too.

    That relationship has been reset. I listened to a Police representative on today’s news bulletins in regard to the enquiry into the policing of the Clapham Common vigil – that it was ‘proportionate’, and that he (the rep) was ‘annoyed’ with the public for not following instructions.

    A couple of sentences later, he also stated that the Government instructions to both the public and the Police were ‘absurd’, but he he followed them anyway. Roughly translated “I was only following orders Guv’nor”.

    Well me’ old fruit, that didn’t work in 1946 and it won’t work in 2021, or 2022, or 2023 or whenever the “Covidberg Trials” are held.

    If Police ‘Officers’ are now also considering the Government instructions to be absurd (I’m sure the rep was not alone in his thinking), and yet they enforce them, perhaps it is time for each individual officer to personally decide who’s side they are on?

    In many parts of the country you are now no longer looked upon as a ‘bobby’ to go to for help if you find yourself in difficulty – you are looked upon as the STASI, to be avoided.

    Unless the Police re-engage with the public – to restore themselves as a ‘service’ rather than as a paramilitary arm of the Government against the people for not doing TF as they are told – then things can only get worse, and there will be fatalities due to violence amongst both the public and the Police.

    We can do little to protest (even that now is effectively banned under the new powers handed to you by the ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill’ that the majority of lacklustre MPs voted for) about virtually anything now.

    It is up to the Police Service to decline the new powers, to argue with the Government, and to TELL them that they are not their personal army-against-the-people.

    It’s up to YOU guys now, not ‘us’.


  29. Matt,

    Clearly you didn’t like the sentiment expressed in my earlier posting?

    In view of the events (and the way that some of your colleagues have conducted themselves) in the past year, I think many members of the public are also ‘done’ with the Police now. The word ‘reset’ gets a lot of use these days. There has also been a reset in the relationship between the Police ‘Service’ and general public. It’s up to your colleagues to salvage that, not the public.


  30. Matt,

    I retired after 30 years in the job earlier this year and absolutely identify with everything in your article. It is as if you have read my thoughts although I would not have been anywhere near as eloquent in my execution of the facts. In general terms your analysis of politicians, senior officers and others whose saving face means more to them than doing the right thing is my main take and you are absolutely spot on. Your words could have been written by most concienious officers up and down the country and you have struck a cord. If anyone cared about the current state of the police service, they should be very concerned, you are far from alone in your views. All the best for the future, the service is a little poorer for losing another one like you.


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