Wicked Game – a fresh and distinctive novel from Matt Johnson, a brilliant new name in the world of thrillers

A warm welcome to my blog

The above header is a quote. It isn’t something I would write about my own work, and a couple of years ago, not something I would ever have thought to be written about me. And yet, it was.

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Wicked Game was my first novel. It came into existence almost by accident. Woven from notes made as part of my treatment for PTSD, it was first released on Kindle as a self-published work early in 2012.

Then, in 2015, the rights to Wicked Game were acquired by Orenda Books of London. Orenda assigned an editor to work with me to produce an improved and polished version of my original work. It wasn’t easy re-visiting the text that had been part of a healing process to try and put my health problems behind me but it proved to be worthwhile.

Not long after publication, Wicked Game was long-listed by the Crime Writers Association for the 2016 John Creasey New Blood Dagger Award and at the end of 2016 it was listed by Amazon as the highest-rated debut novel of the year.

In 2018, in a WH Smith poll of readers, I was voted #22 in their top 100 best-ever crime writers. Now that was something of a surprise!

Wicked Game has now been followed by Deadly Game (2017) and End Game (2018). The e-books of all three are available now from all e-book outlets. The paperbacks are available from Waterstones, WH Smith, Hive and through many independent bookshops. The audio booka are also available thanks to W F Howes direct, or through Amazon as a CD or to download.

Happy with Peter JamesA brief synopsis of all three can also be seen by clicking on ‘The books‘ tab above or on this link.

My newsletter can be signed up for here. It will contain news on new books, competitions and events and, possibly, some extracts from future works.

If you are keen to read how writing helped my PTSD, click here for my blog post on the subject and here for a recent Daily Telegraph article on my journey from PTSD to publication.

“Terse, tense and vivid writing.  Matt Johnson is a brilliant new name in the world of thrillers. And he’s going to be a big name.” Peter James, International best-selling crime thriller novelist and author of the ‘Roy Grace’ novels.

Yes, that is the Peter James. You can imagine how I felt when I received the email from him.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes says of Wicked Game “From the first page to the last, an authentic, magnetic and completely absorbing read.”

“…imagine a book with the realism of Ryan & McNab [and] the story telling of Patterson…”  Amazon review May 2013.

“Matt Johnson has stepped into a very busy genre but has come up with something fresh and distinctive. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to getting to know more about Robert Finlay”  Goodreads 2013.

Now, can I ask a real favour.

Using the ‘buttons’ just below this text, you can ‘tweet’ the book for me and/or ‘like’ my facebook page. It’s a favour, I appreciate that, but it’s a few seconds of your time that help me to gauge how well this website is received. dsc_9306

And, if you go on to read the book, please do take a few minutes to review it through your favoured retailer. Genuine feedback is a real shot in the arm to an author and helps to keep us focussed and on task. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you enjoy the books.

254 thoughts on “Wicked Game – a fresh and distinctive novel from Matt Johnson, a brilliant new name in the world of thrillers

  1. Hi Matt,

    It was great to meet you on twitter the other day. This book sounds awesome and I can’t wait to read it, congrats mate.


  2. Hello Matt, your book is in my wish list ready to download for my trip to Portugal. Will let you know my thoughts. In the meantime, good luck with the sequel!! 😉


  3. Hi Matt, Marlin from Twitter here. I was just popping in to say hello. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your work. This is a great site. I love the book cover on wicked Game–very well done!


  4. Thanks for following me on twitter Matt. I am a keen reader too, as a matter of fact I am now intrigued with the Wicked Game’s plot. I love crime stories. I will soon get the book.


  5. As an ex serviceman who has experienced various situations I am lucky not to have suffered,I have friends who are suffering now and others who are no longer with us. Thank you for bringing to light a problem that very few understand or even see .


  6. Ive just ordered Matts book after reading the prologue on amazon. I was hooked after that and had to buy it. Also it is was very humbling to read that this book was “born” when the author was receiving treatment for PTSD, this puts into perspective the reality of how much trauma our army, police, and other services face each day and the reality of how this can affect our mind. After all they face and go forward in situations that human instinct would take us far away from.


  7. Matt, thank you for your service, both as a soldier and a police officer. No one comes through warfare unscathed. Few people realize that police work can sometimes be comparable in it’s brutality. Downloaded my copy and I’m looking forward to a good read from someone who knows what they’re talking about.


  8. Hi

    Janet from twittering here. Would like to say i support everything military and police and appreciate everything u put on the line,ur health and lives.

    i will defiantly look into getting ur book next time
    i get a book on my kobo. I do enjoy that kind of
    books action and fantasy/horror.


  9. Hi Matt glad I came and had a peep , gonna have to invest in your book as it seems a good read , all being well the first of many


  10. Hi Matt, well done on the book. I love this kind of stuff and will order a copy. I’m working on a book at the moment. Like yours, mine is based on notes and memories from dealings with PTSD. It’s very hard going though!


  11. Hi Matt,

    Sounds interesting – I’m into my Andy Mcnab and Jack Reacher novels and sounds like it could be a bit of a cross between the two.
    I’ll get my hands on it when I get a bit of spare time and let you know what I think.
    All the best mate, take care.



  12. Started reading Wicked Game this morning, at the prospect of a very long boring day. It’s now 4pm, time has flown, chapter 38 and I am thoroughly enjoying a book that I probably wouldnt have normally picked to read. Thank you Matt Johnson!


  13. Thanks for the message and invite to view your blog, I had already checked it out and read the synopsis and reviews for your book and decided it’s gonna be my next book. I like the sound of it. I like Stephen Leather’s books which follow a similar format (ex-sas cop) and I’m a big fan of Andy McNab and Chris Ryan so I think your book is right up my street and I can’t wait to read it. I can already tell I’m gonna love it, I hope you have more in the works because my hunger for books like yours is insatiable and I’ll happily buy a copy of them all. Looking forward to seeing your name adorn my bookshelf. 😀


  14. Hi Matt,
    Like I said in my tweet, what an amazing bio. Can’t wait to read the book. I may have to drop the one I’m reading at the moment.
    I feel I’ve found someone really interesting to know and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about you.

    Paul (@badger14)


  15. Hi Matt. Alanbritton from twitter. Sadly don’t have a Kindle yet (only just managed to leave the 1850’s), though will keep my eyes open for the paperback version. The plot line sounds brilliant amd I wish you a speedy recovery from the PTSD (Had a friend in RGJ Though not in the band fortunately).

    Good luck with the sequel. Merry Easter and a HAppy New Christmas.




  16. Well done on your success with the book, hope there is more to come for you. Have just downloaded the book but I have a long list of ‘to-read’ so will be some time before I get back to you.


  17. I’ll do my best to check it out. Very glad to hear that writing helps your PTSD – it’s a nasty and much misunderstood problem. In the meantime, many thanks, & All The Best.


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