Revealed: the hidden Blackpool company presenting itself as charity Support The Heroes to recruit paid fundraisers

This scam of a charity needs to be exposed and stopped.

Dr Alex May

  1. A Blackpool company owned by the same people as Prize Promotions Limited, the discredited professional fundraiser now in administration, is presenting itself as a military charity to recruit paid fundraisers. From the same address as Prize Promotions Limited, Local VIP Ltd is presenting itself as charity Support The Heroes on an independent jobs website. Support The Heroes is a newly registered charity, officially based in Kirkham, a small Lancashire town midway between Blackpool and Preston. Amazingly, the charity doesn’t disclose a landline phone number on its website or the Charity Commission public register, only a mobile. The charity website, which is vague and unconvincing, says nothing about working with a professional fundraiser. Tony Chadwick, director of Prize Promotions Limited and Local VIP, has long-standing business relationships with two of the five trustees of the charity. The three of them helped run a life insurance firm in Blackpool, for example, which…

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