Xmas auctions for SAS port.

Auction now ended. Both bottles sold for £250 each.

Very grateful to the two winning bidders.


On Monday evening I announced the auction of the first of two bottles of SAS port. These are the real deal and come from the 22 Regt Benevolent Association.

The response has been overwhelming, with the top bid now at over £200. Today, I’m adding a second bottle, with the second highest bidder winning it. Yes, the top two bids both win.

This would make an ideal buy to impress your mates or, perhaps as a once-in-a-lifetime xmas present.

sas port 1

The first bottle auction bid is for the benefit of the Armed Forces Bikers Charity who were recently kind enough to make me one of their patrons. The second is now for the Shoeboxes for our Heroes fundraising group based in the north-east of England.

The auction will run until midday, sunday 13th December. The main auction will be administered using my facebook page . If you don’t have facebook, then enter a bid on here or through my twitter profile and I will put your bid onto the facebook auction listing.

Highest bid wins. Highest bid payment to be made to Amanda, the sec at AFB as soon as reasonably practicable. The second highest bidder will need to contact me for email details of SB4OH. Only once payment is received will the item be sent to you. Remember to add £10 to your bid to cover the courier and packaging. This is the charity, after all.

NB; now that bids are over £200, I will pay the p+p myself. Well done and thanks for your generosity.

Any questions, or hints on where to mention this auction, please let me know.



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