My first Blog…I am still a Detective, not Defective!

Excellent post on depression, what it does to you and how those around you can help


It has occurred to me, that my first blog I wrote in 2014is not on here, so as it hada pretty positive reactionand practicallyhas beenlife changing for me, it is only right that I put it on here.

I would also like to say thank you so muchto everyone who liked it and shared it since, it has given me confidence to carry on writing.

I am still a Detective, not Defective!

I am a detective constable with 24 years service. I recently had a breakdown and subsequently was diagnosed with depression.

This was caused by too much stress over a long period of time.

I am writing this because I feel one of the last taboos is talking about being in the police and recovering from this type of illness.

I want to help others understand more about stress and depression, how they can spot it in others and…

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